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Oil Change Service in Bohemia, NY

Oil Change Service in Bohemia, NY

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When was your last oil change service? Take a look to the left of your windshield and match the number written there to what’s on your odometer – are you due for an appointment? If so, come to Generation Kia! Not only are we nearby, located at 4825 Sunrise Highway in Bohemia, NY, but we also offer top-notch maintenances in our Service Department that will have you leaving here with a smile!

Oil changes are one of the primary responsibilities of vehicle ownership, and they should be done punctually. Oil is the lubricant your engine relies on to keep all of the metal pieces working cohesively without grinding or grating against one another. It does more than that, though, oil is a compound of chemicals that offers quite a few benefits. Typically, oil includes detergent, heat protectant, and a number of other additives and minerals to keep your engine clean to run at peak condition. Oil sweeps away grime and particles, byproducts from engine function, and runs it all through the filter to separate unwanted dirt from being re-circulated into your powerhouse.

Over time, though, oil grows thick and bogged down by the build-up it’s constantly cleaning away, and the beneficial additives degrade. The oil becomes sludgy, which reduces its ability to lubricate all of the bits and pieces that create the mechanized work of art beneath your hood. Leaving your oil like this for too long results in decreased fuel efficiency, reduced performance, and can even lead to engine failure if your oil supply completely depletes to nothing. Luckily, we offer several easy ways to get an appointment, as well as a number of service specials to help you save cash with every appointment, too! You can fill out our Schedule Appointment form right here on our website, or give us a call at 631-354-4230 to speak with a service advisor.

Keep in mind that you can always lump a lot of your regular maintenances together – such as your oil change and tire rotation. They both typically need to be done around the five to six month mark, but always refer to your Owner’s Manual about the best time frame for your vehicle. Then just take a seat in our waiting room, sip a cup of coffee, and let us take care of the rest!

At Generation Kia, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch customer service in all departments of our dealership, and we’re always here to assist. Take advantage of our Ask a Tech form if you have any questions at all about your oil change service in Bohemia, NY, and we hope to see you soon!

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James Edwards
October 16, 2017

I try to give fair and honest reviews. My only issue is they misplaced my keys when I first was gonna buy the car. JC was great to deal with and very patient with my decision making.

Didn't buy from them but...

October 15, 2017

Don was nice and helpful with Kia Sorento I was considering Although I did not end up buying it I did put a deposit, which will be refunded. Don addressed my concerns with the vehicle. I would reccomend him to friends

art classes east hampton studio144EHNY
October 9, 2017

After experiencing what I would call a horrible experience with buying a car, the manager Scott S. redeemed the dealership somewhat buy producing my bill of sale and license plate a little over a month after my purchase. He is most certainly the sharpest tool in Generation Kia of Bohemia's box.

2018 Kia Optima

October 8, 2017

I'm going to try to write something different than all my other reviews ok guys. But my love affair with Kia Cars will continue please do me a favor don't listen to good/ bad reviews test drive for yourself than you be better off ¿

Good experience

October 8, 2017

Nice dealership with kind and helpful sales team. They want to help find a car that's right for you.

Excellent Service

October 6, 2017

Best experience we've had buying anew car. Everyone was friendly and informative. Caroline was the best. Sweet, friendly and knowledgeable.No hard sell. Honest and patient. As was the manager , Ray and financial manager, Gamaal(?) No question was left unanswered .Worked with us on every detail.And when the deal was done and we were just about to drive away, someone came over to help take off window sticker. Just the nicest people ever.Loving the car so far. Will be a Kia customer forever.Thanks for everything !

Augie Mozzillo 3rd
October 5, 2017

Good place

October 2, 2017

This team of people in this location where just wonderful. They all made sure my experience was very smooth and enjoyable. My favorite part of this experience was when I was offered snacks and bottled water during the purchase process, the waiting area had large screen TV's for entertainment and I had a very nice manicure that was beautifully done while waiting for my car in the service department. The very special, excellent people who went above and beyond to help me are George the general manager, MacKenzie, David, Addie, Bob, Kenia, Juan, Brenda, Brian, Sean, and Joe. All of you are much appreciated and your kindness will never be forgotten. I love my new Sorento. Thanks again to Generation Kia.

New Kia !

October 1, 2017

Dave our salesman was great. Very helpful. Save took a lot of time to show us all the options in the car and how they work. Even though his shirt was over, he hung around an extra 2 hours until we left. Whoever "cleaned" the car beforehand, however, needs to go into a different line of business. The car door and lift gate jam were filthy. The windows were disgusting. The last thing we wanted to do was have to wash our new car and clean the windows.

Kristen H.
September 30, 2017

In the (very) long run, this dealership came through and solved all of the problems that I had with the preowned car that I bought, and they actually went above and beyond in doing so. I wish it would've been done the first or second time I asked, but once the owner, Mr. Catalanotto, got involved things were smooth-sailing from there and my expectations were exceeded. I can appreciate a company that recognizes their mistakes and works diligently to repair a disjointed relationship.

Jeff Littwin
September 29, 2017

Luigi was great...quick No B.S. service...bought a car in less than 3 hours beginning to end!

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