Official Lease Return Center


Terminating your lease at Generation Kia has never been easier, You can save
thousands of dollars when you return your lease early and exchange it for a new
Kia or one of our many Certified Pre-owned Vehicles, Even if you are not
purchasing or leasing a vehicle with us we will accept your lease return. Regardless
of where you leased your vehicle, we make it easy and convenient to return it at
Generation Kia of Bohemia. There is no appointment necessary, no wait times, and
no long-drawn-out process when you get here.
We are authorized to take in your currently leased vehicle early. When we purchase
your vehicle, you may pay no early lease termination fees, no disposition fees, and
no charge for excess wear and tear and over mileage.
You owe it to yourself to at least explore the options available to you. Fill out the
brief form below and someone from Generation Kia will contact you as soon as we

Leasing Information Request

Have Questions? Here are some FAQs

Yes. Generation Kia will take lease returns purchased from any dealership
You will need to bring your vehicle, all keys, the owner’s manual, and a copy of your final lease inspection report. (Don't forget your EZ pass and other personal items!)
There is no appointment necessary. We ask that you return your lease Monday-Friday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm
The disposition fee gets waived if you lease or purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. If not, the disposition fee would be paid to your current leaving company. They will send a bill after the lease is returned.
The Generation Kia Service Center can repair the work. For an estimate, please contact them at (631) 569-5700.
A lease maturity pre-inspection is designed to allow lessees to repair any concerns. You will get a report of the chargeable damage. The Generation Kia Service Center can also give you an estimate to repair any concerns. The final inspection does not allow lessees to repair damages, so it should be done just before the lease is returned
It is Generation Kia’s policy to only take lease returns that have been inspected. Any lease return not inspected prior to its return is subject to damage charges assessed at auction. We highly recommend getting the vehicle inspected by your current lease company